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The Brubella Difference

Ever since Brubella began, we have strived to stay true to our mission of providing excellent customer service and fulfilling each order to perfection. We recognize that our clients have different usages for each product, that is why we assemble each order to fit your needs. While other produce wholesalers will ship you only what they have based on their inventory, Brubella does not believe in that philosophy. We go out of our way to match your demands, so you receive the right product for the dishes on your menu. Anything less is unacceptable by our standards.

Brubella's Selection Process

Step 1:

Client Places Product Order

Step 2:

Product Delivered to Warehouse by Truck


Step 3:

Product is Taken Off Pallets

Step 4:

Product is Inspected to Meet Overall Quality Standards


Step 5:

During Product Inspection, Orders Are Assembled

Step 6:

Orders are Double-Checked to Ensure Correctness


Step 7:

Drivers Load Trucks and Mark Order Destinations

Step 8:

Product is Delivered to Client


Furthermore into Brubella’s process of ensuring client satisfaction; if you need a case of Juicing Oranges, you will receive a 113-Count. Whereas if you need a Juicing Orange from other produce wholesalers, you may receive a case of uninspected 88-Count Oranges. Brubella takes the time to inspect our product and your order, so that we not only meet our quality standards, but yours as well.

Down below, you can see other examples of how we pay attention to your menu's needs and chef's preferences:


Baby carrots are a little sweeter than Jumbo carrots, and make for a nicer presentation. On the other hand, the Jumbo carrots are great for dicing and slicing, and have a much heartier taste to them.

Our process was built with our clients in mind and has been refined over the years to ensure we get your orders right the first time, on time.

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